Rentals & Parties

Interested in an Auditorium Rental? We are very flexible and can accommodate nearly any group. Different rates apply for different times of day and film title selected. Please call the General Manager to discuss time, rates and titles
at 817-238-7764

Private auditoriums available for the upcoming new releases if you can guarantee sell out seating. Call to discuss!

Special box office discounts available with the purchase of a party package.

Texas Movie Bistro offers several different concession party packages to choose from:

All party packages built to feed 10 kids but can be altered if needed

Party Package One $35
10 – 12oz kiddie drinks and 4 Cheese Pizzas

Party Package Two $35
10 – 12oz kiddie drinks and 10 Slider Cheeseburgers w/ fries

Party Package Three $35
10 – 12oz kiddie drinks and 10 Hot Dogs w/ fries

Dessert Package One $15
10 Chocolate Sundaes

Dessert Package Two $15
10 Ch. Brownie w/o Nuts

For small group ticketing rates, please call a theatre manager at 817-238-7764.